Florian Laroye
I’m a digital artist, a UI & UX specialist, and a pixel-perfectionist.

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Some of my most well-known clients are: Paco Rabanne, Oxbow, Warner Bros, Renault, Falk&Ross and E.Leclerc. Check out these projects.



My design translated in words.

  • Innovation
  • Great design
  • Fluid layouts
  • Quality

About me

Born in France, I’m a twenty-eight year-old graphic designer who has always been passionate about design and new technologies. Both formally educated and self-taught, it is a combination of ambition, dynamism and demand that has truly brought me to where I am today.

A firm believer that digital technology improves our lives, my goal is to create both clear interfaces and great experiences for users. Always up-to-date with developments in the field, every new advance poses a challenge. Design is a perpetual state of rethinking.

Outside of work, I spend my time with my girlfriend, a talented graphic designer, a wonderful source of support, and a life-long partner. We are now living in Amsterdam. Moreover, I'm really keen on all different kinds of music and I thoroughly enjoy sports, in addition to cuisine.

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